With and about Roma girls and women, beyond stereotypes and prejudices

Through 16 video episodes, we aim to increase the visibility of Roma women from diverse backgrounds (community, academia, activism, etc.) with most relevant experiences, approaching topics of interest for us, the Roma women, from an intersectional perspective: local activism, civic representation, and participation, community organization, Roma feminist models, identity, domestic and sexual violence, discrimination, reproductive rights, maternity, lack of access to services, LGBTQIA+ alliances.


Steluța Slate

Steluța Slate worked as a Romani language teacher until 2019 and is currently an artistic advisor at the National Center for Roma Culture – Romano Kher. Throughout the 11 years of her teaching career, she guided and mentored students from Giurgiu County, where she worked as a Romani language teacher. Her work as a teacher was not limited to the lecturing chair, being involved in various activities to prevent school dropout among Roma students, and early marriages in Roma communities. Together with the E-Romnja Association, she has carried out various community development and empowerment activities for Roma women at the community level. In parallel with all these activities aiming to protect and promote the Roma children and women’s rights, she also carries out cultural and educational activities at the current workplace, CNCR-RK. Here, she coordinated the compilation of two Romani language dictionaries and other different cultural projects. Also, she dabbles in poetry, and in 2018, she won the first prize in the Romani language poetry section within the Literary Creation Contest organized by Romano Vak magazine in partnership with CNCR-RK.

Florentina Manea

Florentina-Alexandra Manea is a young Roma feminist, presently a student at the University of Bucharest, where she studies Political Studies in English. From 2020, Florentina is a mentor within the E-Romnja’ mentorship program “Sisterhood”.

Since high school, Florentina has been involved in volunteer activities and projects related to anti-discrimination, diversity, youth involvement in politics and social issues. At the moment, Florentina is a communications assistant within the World Bank in Romania, where she works to combat discrimination, using political and economic strategies that would make a difference in the life of the Roma community.


Episode 1 - invited Maria Dumitru

Maria Dumitru is a young Roma feminist and human rights activist in Romania. She studied Communication and Public Relationships at the University of Craiova and has a master’s degree in Gender Studies at the Central European University of Budapest with the dissertation “Multiple Discrimination and Untold Stories of Resistance: a case study of Romanian Roma women conducting informal street work in Oslo.” Maria worked for the World Bank in Romania and a social center for immigrants and homeless people in Norway. Presently, Maria is a researcher within the “Encountering EU-citizens in precarious conditions: A qualitative study on social work and inclusion” project.

Episode 2 - invited Bianca Varga

Episode 3 - invited Luminița Feraru

Luminița Feraru is a Roma woman from lăutari family, with a bachelor’s degree in Administrative Sciences, coordinator of educational projects, and activist for over 15 years. Currently, she works at the Giurgiu Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture.

Episode 4 - invited Romina Grigore

Romina Grigore is an eleventh-grade student at “Grigore Moisil” Theoretical High School from Mizil, is part of the “Sisterhood” mentoring program developed by E-Romnja, and she likes getting involved in various volunteering activities.

Episode 5 - invited guest: Dana Vlăsceanu, Roma woman activist

Episode 6 - invited guest: Antonella Lerca Duda, Roma woman activist

Episode 7 - invited guest: Adelina Gușă

Episode 8 - invited guest: Ileana Mihalache

Episode #9 - invited guests Nati, Elisa & Lizuca

Episode #10 - invited guest Anca Mezei

Episode #11 - invited guest Roxana Marin

Episode #12 - invited guest Oana Tabă

Episode #13 - invited guest Maria Manea

Episode #14 - invited guest Cerasela Bănică

Episode #15 - invited guest Semiramida Bălan

Episode #16 - invited guest Dinu Lucia - Cipi

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