Local authorities dialogue

Round table: “The increase and improvement of access to medical services for Roma women” (09.22.2021 – Ploiești, 11. 25.2021 - Bacău, 12.13.2021 - Giurgiu)

Issues identified locally:

  • the discrimination of Roma girls and women when accessing reproductive and sexual health services;
  • the lack of medical staff’s involvement in providing medical services in Roma communities. There is a large number of GPs who refuse to consult Roma people;
  • the lack of specialized medical staff;
  • the lack of information campaigns and national screening programs for cervical and breast cancer, Pap smear testing, etc.

Proposed solutions:

  • the development of a permanent dialogue framework between the local authorities and the community members for the identification of solutions to the community problems (the improvement of the medical services, the increase of access for the Roma communities, especially for Roma girls and women, the elimination of systemic
    and institutional racism);
  • to increase the role of the Public Health Departments in combating discrimination and facilitating the access of Roma women to reproductive and sexual health services;
  • the involvement of the civil society in informing Roma communities about their rights and obligations as patients;
  • the development of sexual education programs for the young people in Roma communities;
  • the improvement of the legislative framework in community health services and health mediation

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